How To Update macOS With Terminal

1. Open terminal and type command 2. Install them updates

Are you sick of waiting for the progress bar to complete every time you reboot after a macOS software update? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s another way to update your Mac that could potentially reduce your downtime.

  1. To update mac os from command line open launchpad by pressing the F4 key or the Launchpad icon in the dock and go to other> Terminal

Input the following command and press Enter: 

softwareupdate -l

2. Wait as your Mac searches Apple’s servers for any macOS software updates currently available for your system. If no updates are available, you’ll be returned to the command prompt

to install all avalable updates do:

softwareupdate -i -a

To download and install a specific update in the list, use the following format, but replacing NAME with the update’s identifier:

softwareupdate -i NAME


softwareupdate --install NAME

for example:

softwareupdate --install 'macOS Big Sur 11.2 Update-20D64'
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